Environmental & Site Services

“Soil erosion is as old as agriculture. It began when the first heavy rain struck the first furrow turned by a crude implement of tillage in the hands or prehistoric man. It has been going on ever since, wherever man’s culture of the earth has bared the soil to rain and wind.”
— Hugh H. Bennett and W.C. Lowdermilk

Patriot provides a comprehensive suite of environmental & site services to meet your projects soil stabilization, clearing & planting needs. Our firm specializes in being on the leading edge of ecological restoration technologies and techniques, and brings that knowledge and experience into the field everyday. We understand the intimate relationships between soil conservation, water quality and ecology allowing us to make proactive and professional decisions in the field that improve the profitability of the project as a whole and help ensure client satisfaction.



Erosion & Sediment Control Services:

  • Silt & Super Silt Fence Installation
  • Stabilized Construction Entrance
  • Hydroseeding & Soil Stabilization
  • Mulch & Compost Application
  • Compost Filter Tube Installation

Site Services:

  • Environmental Site Design Installation
  • Forestry Clearing & Mulching Services
  • Timber Access Road Construction
  • Bond Release Work
  • Retaining Walls & Hardscapes
  • Stormwater Facility Installation & Conversions

Planting & Protection:

  • Reforestation, Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Wetland & Herbaceous Plantings
  • Non Native Invasive Species Management
  • Sod Establishment
  • Tree Protection Fence & Construction Safety Fence Installation

Ecological Product Installation:

  • Floating Treatment Wetlands
  • Reefmaker Ecosystems
  • Porous Grass & Gravel Pavers