Wildlife Control

Wildlife control is always a delicate issue, especially in the community setting. Patriot staff specializes in community based wildlife management and control. We work hard to identify the needs of the client and the correct management plan to accomplish the goals. Patriot offers a wide range of services to handle your wildlife control issues. Many species can cause both economical and physical damage to your property or home. Our clients include homeowners associations, development companies, farmers, landscapers and government agencies among others. Patriot Land & Wildlife has the answers for some of your most bothersome wildlife control issues including white-tailed deer, Canada geese, beaver, raccoon and more.

Patriot LWM is a licensed and insured Maryland Wildlife Damage Control Operator as well as a Maryland Department of Natural Resources Deer Cooperator.


White-tailed Deer:

  • Baseline Population Surveys & Evaluation
  • Community Based Deer Management
  • Sharpshooting, Firearm & Archery Removal Programs
  • Fencing & Enclosures, Repellents, Scare Devices & Other Non-Lethal Options
  • Deer Resistant Landscape Plantings
  • Recreational Hunting Lease Administration & Management  

Canada Goose:

  • Depredation Permit Application, Round-Up Removals, Egg Addling
  • Scare Devices, Dog Harassment, Fencing, Pond Exclusion, Repellents
  • Goose Resistant Pond Plantings & Alternative Designs

Beaver & Muskrat:

  • Nuisance Wildlife Trapping
  • Non-Lethal “Beaver Deceiver” & “Clemson Beaver Leveler” Installation, Dam & Lodge Deconstruction
  • Borrow Hole & Damage Repair